--> JScheme Servlets and Applets

The JScheme webapp, jscheme-webapp.zip, is a file that can be unzipped and dropped into the webapps folder of any Servlet container (e.g. tomcat, jetty, resin, ...).

Once the servlet container is started (or the jscheme-webapp started in a running servlet container), you can write servlets, applets, and java web start applications directly in Scheme.

You can also start webapps directly in Scheme provided you have the necessary jar files (e.g. the lib and ext folders in the Jetty distribution). Here are two examples:

  1. startserver.scm -- shows how to start a server which loads up the jscheme webapp
  2. simpleserver.scm -- shows how to start a server which defines two servlets directly in Scheme and starts a server that only handles those two servlets.
The startserver.scm examples uses the following four jar files from the Jetty/lib and Jetty/ext folders:
  • javax.servlet.jar
  • org.mortbay.jetty.jar
  • jasper-runtime.jar
  • jasper-compiler.jar
The simpleserver.scm example only uses the first two jars (which are 75KB and 570KB respectively).