--> Configuring the JScheme Webapp

To configure a JScheme-webapp you need to modify the WEB-INF/web.xml file. This will allow you to select which servlets to support (and to add new servlets).

The list of servlets currently supported by the JScheme webapp are listed below:


*.servlet       schemehandler           scheme.sss            installed
*.html          schemehandler           scheme.sss            commented out
*.jnlp          schemehandler           scheme.sss            commented out
*.servlet files are evaluated in a single Scheme environment (even in different threads of the servlet container). The environment is initialized when the first servlet is visited by loading in the WEB-INF/scheme/servletlib/init.scm code. The *.html files are processed by first enclosing the text in a hash-curly expression so one can escape to Scheme by using a hash-bracket expression. \#\[ 'scheme-code \]\#


*.snlp          snlphandler             snlp.sss              installed
*.applet        applethandler           applet.sss            installed
*.scmapp        scmapphandler           app.sss               installed
.snlp and .applet files ...

Default Bouncer

*.hide          defaultservlethandler   default.sss           installed

Form-based uploading

*.              umethodhandler          umethod.sss           commented out
*.U             umethoduploadhandler    umethod-upload.sss    commented out

Scheme applet/servlet validation

*.scmV          validatehandler         validate.sss          commented out
*.serlvetV      validatehandler         validate.sss          commented out