Class CompilingClassLoader

  extended byjava.lang.ClassLoader
      extended bybuild.LoadletClassLoader
          extended bybuild.CompilingClassLoader

public class CompilingClassLoader
extends LoadletClassLoader

A ClassLoader that will recompile the *.java file corresponding to an out of date or missing *.class file. It also runs rmic to generate *_Stub.class and *_Skel.class files used by RMI.

A single CompilingClassLoader uses a sequence of pairs of directories:

The -Dbootstrap.path System property can contain a sequence of classBase,srcBase pairs separated by ",". The default is "-Dbootstrap.path=.,.". For each class,src pair, a new CompilingClassLoader is constructed and chained to previous ones.

Sample Usage:

Supose we have a Java application, app, with the following files and classes: The to compile and run the application, do:
   javac -classpath app;jdk/lib/tools.jar -d app

   java -Dbootstrap.path=app/classlib,app/src 
        -classpath app;jdk/lib/tools.jar
        CompilingClassLoader app.Main
The -classpath must provide access to CompilingClassLoader and tools.jar. It should not contain any directories for classes that you want recompiled. Specify them in -Dbootstrap.path instead.

When getting a class by name, use CompilingClassLoader.forName() rather than Class.forName(). This will recompile such classes as necessary.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
CompilingClassLoader(java.lang.ClassLoader parent, Loadlet loadlet)
Method Summary
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
          Start your Java application through this main() as described above to get automatic compiling behavior.
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Constructor Detail


public CompilingClassLoader(java.lang.ClassLoader parent,
                            Loadlet loadlet)
Method Detail


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
Start your Java application through this main() as described above to get automatic compiling behavior.