Uses of Class

Packages that use JScheme
interact Provides classes that provide TTY-like (EMACS shell mode like) interaction to Java applications. 
jscheme The standard API for JScheme. 
jschemeweb Provides a class that allows servlets to be written in various styles. 

Uses of JScheme in interact

Constructors in interact with parameters of type JScheme
Interactor(java.lang.Object it, JScheme js)
          Start a new interactor in a new thread with Object, it, bound to the Jscheme global it.
Interactor(java.lang.Object[] pairs, JScheme js)
          Start a new interactor in a new thread with the Object[], Pairs, providing String "name", Object value pairs that become Jscheme global bindings.
Interactor(boolean newThread, java.lang.String name, java.lang.Object[] pairs, int rows, int cols, java.lang.String[] files, JScheme js)
          Most general Interactor constructor.

Uses of JScheme in jscheme

Fields in jscheme declared as JScheme
static JScheme JS.js

Methods in jscheme that return JScheme
static JScheme JScheme.forCurrentEvaluator()
          Returns the Scheme environment that is currently executing Scheme.

Uses of JScheme in jschemeweb

Fields in jschemeweb declared as JScheme
static JScheme SchemeServlet.js