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Packages that use DynamicEnvironment
jlib JLIB provides several libraries written in JScheme and compiled to Java, so it is more informative to read the Jscheme code. 
jsint The JScheme implementation. 

Uses of DynamicEnvironment in jlib

Fields in jlib declared as DynamicEnvironment
 DynamicEnvironment SNLP.dynEnv
 DynamicEnvironment Networking.dynEnv
 DynamicEnvironment Swing.dynEnv
 DynamicEnvironment JLIB.dynEnv

Constructors in jlib with parameters of type DynamicEnvironment
SNLP(int t, int n, Pair f, DynamicEnvironment d)
Networking(int t, int n, Pair f, DynamicEnvironment d)
Swing(int t, int n, Pair f, DynamicEnvironment d)
JLIB(int t, int n, Pair f, DynamicEnvironment d)

Uses of DynamicEnvironment in jsint

Fields in jsint declared as DynamicEnvironment
 DynamicEnvironment Compile.dynEnv
 DynamicEnvironment Evaluator.interactionEnvironment
static DynamicEnvironment Evaluator.NULL_ENVIRONMENT
 DynamicEnvironment Evaluator.INITIAL_ENVIRONMENT

Methods in jsint that return DynamicEnvironment
static DynamicEnvironment Scheme.getInteractionEnvironment()
static DynamicEnvironment Scheme.getNullEnvironment()
static DynamicEnvironment Scheme.getInitialEnvironment()
static DynamicEnvironment Scheme.loadEnvironment(java.lang.Object x)
          load the current file (or class) into a new initial environment and return the resulting DynamicEnvironment.
 DynamicEnvironment Evaluator.getInteractionEnvironment()
static DynamicEnvironment Evaluator.getNullEnvironment()
 DynamicEnvironment Evaluator.getInitialEnvironment()
 DynamicEnvironment Evaluator.loadEnvironment(java.lang.Object x)
          load the current object (file or class) into a new Evaluator and return the resulting Evaluator's DynamicEnvironment.

Methods in jsint with parameters of type DynamicEnvironment
static java.lang.Object Scheme.evalToplevel(java.lang.Object x, DynamicEnvironment env)
          evalToplevel evaluates each element of a BEGIN.
 void DynamicEnvironment.importBindings(DynamicEnvironment env, java.lang.String prefix)
 void DynamicEnvironment.importBindings(DynamicEnvironment env, java.lang.String prefix, boolean importMacros)
 void DynamicEnvironment.importBindings(DynamicEnvironment env, java.lang.String prefix, boolean importMacros, Symbol[] procnames)
 java.lang.Object Evaluator.evalToplevel(java.lang.Object x, DynamicEnvironment env)
          evalToplevel evaluates each element of a BEGIN.
 java.lang.Object Evaluator.analyze(java.lang.Object x, DynamicEnvironment dynamicEnv, LexicalEnvironment lexenv)
          Analyze (or preprocess or precompile) an expression into "code".

Constructors in jsint with parameters of type DynamicEnvironment
Compile(int t, int n, Pair f, DynamicEnvironment d)
DynamicEnvironment(DynamicEnvironment baseEnv)
Evaluator(DynamicEnvironment env)