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Packages that use LexicalEnvironment
jsint The JScheme implementation. 

Uses of LexicalEnvironment in jsint

Fields in jsint declared as LexicalEnvironment
static LexicalEnvironment LexicalEnvironment.NULLENV
          The global environment.

Methods in jsint with parameters of type LexicalEnvironment
 java.lang.Object[] JavaMethod.makeArgArray(java.lang.Object[] code, Evaluator eval, LexicalEnvironment lexenv)
 java.lang.Object[] JavaField.makeArgArray(java.lang.Object[] code, Evaluator eval, LexicalEnvironment lexenv)
 java.lang.Object[] StaticReflector.makeArgArray(java.lang.Object[] code, Evaluator eval, LexicalEnvironment lexenv)
          Code is an Object[] who's first element is a JavaConstructor, and remaining elements are arguments.
 java.lang.Object Evaluator.analyze(java.lang.Object x, DynamicEnvironment dynamicEnv, LexicalEnvironment lexenv)
          Analyze (or preprocess or precompile) an expression into "code".
 java.lang.Object Evaluator.execute(java.lang.Object x, LexicalEnvironment lexenv)
          Evaluate analyzed code in a lexical environment.
 java.lang.Object[] Procedure.makeArgArray(java.lang.Object[] code, Evaluator eval, LexicalEnvironment lexenv)
          Take the code that represents a call, evaluate arguments in the calling lexical environment and put results into an argument array.
 Closure Closure.copy(LexicalEnvironment lexenv)
          Make a copy, but with a runtime environment.

Constructors in jsint with parameters of type LexicalEnvironment
Macro(java.lang.Object parms, java.lang.Object body, LexicalEnvironment lexenv)
          Make a macro from a parameter list, body, and environment.
Closure(java.lang.Object parms, java.lang.Object body, LexicalEnvironment lexenv)
          Make a closure from a body and the analyze time environment it was defined in.
LexicalEnvironment(java.lang.Object vars, java.lang.Object[] vals, LexicalEnvironment parent)
          Create an LexicalEnvironment with local variables and values, and a parent LexicalEnvironment.
LexicalEnvironment(java.lang.Object vars, java.lang.Object[] vals, LexicalEnvironment parent, boolean isNullEnv)
BacktraceException(java.lang.Throwable e, java.lang.Object[] args, LexicalEnvironment lexenv)