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Packages that use Pair
jlib JLIB provides several libraries written in JScheme and compiled to Java, so it is more informative to read the Jscheme code. 
jsint The JScheme implementation. 

Uses of Pair in jlib

Fields in jlib declared as Pair
 Pair SNLP.frame
 Pair Networking.frame
 Pair Swing.frame
 Pair JLIB.frame

Methods in jlib with parameters of type Pair
 java.lang.Object[] SNLP.makeArgArray(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object SNLP.apply(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object SNLP.invoke(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object SNLP.invoke1(Pair args)
static java.util.StringTokenizer SNLP._J0(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object SNLP._J1(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object SNLP._J2(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object SNLP._J3(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object SNLP._J4(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object SNLP._J5(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object SNLP._J6(Pair Args)
static Listener SNLP._J7(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object SNLP._J8(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer SNLP._J9(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer SNLP._J10(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object SNLP._J11(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object SNLP._J12(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Label SNLP._J13(Pair args)
static java.awt.Frame SNLP._J14(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object[] Networking.makeArgArray(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object Networking.apply(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object Networking.invoke(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object Networking.invoke1(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J0(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J1(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J2(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J3(Pair args)
static Networking._J4(Pair args)
static Networking._J5(Pair args)
static Networking._J6(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J7(Pair Args)
static Networking._J8(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J9(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J10(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J11(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J12(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Thread Networking._J13(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J14(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J15(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J16(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J17(Pair Args)
static Networking._J18(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J19(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J20(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J21(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J22(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J23(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J24(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J25(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J26(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Networking._J27(Pair Args)
 java.lang.Object[] Swing.makeArgArray(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object Swing.apply(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object Swing.invoke(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object Swing.invoke1(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J0(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J1(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J2(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J3(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J4(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J5(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J6(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J7(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J8(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J9(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J10(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J11(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J12(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J13(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J14(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J15(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J16(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J17(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J18(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J19(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J20(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J21(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J22(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J23(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J24(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J25(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J26(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J27(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J28(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J29(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J30(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J31(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J32(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J33(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J34(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J35(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J36(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J37(Pair Args)
static Listener11swing Swing._J38(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J39(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J40(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J41(Pair Args)
static javax.swing.JButton Swing._J42(Pair args)
static javax.swing.JComboBox Swing._J43(Pair args)
static javax.swing.JLabel Swing._J44(Pair args)
static javax.swing.JTextField Swing._J45(Pair args)
static javax.swing.JTextArea Swing._J46(Pair args)
static SchemeCanvas Swing._J47(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J48(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J49(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J50(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J51(Pair Args)
static java.awt.GridLayout Swing._J52(Pair args)
static javax.swing.JFrame Swing._J53(Pair args)
static javax.swing.JScrollPane Swing._J54(Pair args)
static javax.swing.ButtonGroup Swing._J55(Pair args)
static javax.swing.JRadioButtonMenuItem Swing._J56(Pair args)
static javax.swing.JCheckBoxMenuItem Swing._J57(Pair args)
static javax.swing.JMenuItem Swing._J58(Pair args)
static javax.swing.JMenu Swing._J59(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J60(Pair Args)
static javax.swing.JMenuBar Swing._J61(Pair args)
static javax.swing.JDialog Swing._J62(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J63(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J64(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J65(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J66(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J67(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J68(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J69(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J70(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J71(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J72(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J73(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J74(Pair args)
static javax.swing.JPanel Swing._J75(Pair args)
static java.awt.BorderLayout Swing._J76(Pair args)
static java.awt.FlowLayout Swing._J77(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J78(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J79(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J80(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J81(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J82(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J83(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J84(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J85(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J86(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J87(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J88(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J89(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J90(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J91(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J92(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J93(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J94(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J95(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J96(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J97(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J98(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J99(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J100(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J101(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J102(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J103(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J104(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J105(Pair Args)
static java.awt.GridBagConstraints Swing._J106(Pair args)
static java.awt.GridBagLayout Swing._J107(Pair args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J108(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Insets Swing._J109(Pair args)
static javax.swing.JList Swing._J110(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J111(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J112(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J113(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J114(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J115(Pair Args)
static java.util.Vector Swing._J116(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J117(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J118(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J119(Pair Args)
static javax.swing.JSplitPane Swing._J120(Pair args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J121(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J122(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J123(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J124(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J125(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J126(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J127(Pair Args)
static java.awt.CardLayout Swing._J128(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J129(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J130(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J131(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J132(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J133(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J134(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Font Swing._J135(Pair args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J136(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J137(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer Swing._J138(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J139(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J140(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J141(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J142(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J143(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J144(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J145(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J146(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J147(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J148(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J149(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J150(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J151(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color Swing._J152(Pair args)
static java.awt.Dimension Swing._J153(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J154(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J155(Pair Args)
static java.util.Hashtable Swing._J156(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J157(Pair Args)
static Listener11 Swing._J158(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J159(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J160(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J161(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Swing._J162(Pair args)
static java.lang.Boolean Swing._J163(Pair Args)
 java.lang.Object[] JLIB.makeArgArray(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object JLIB.apply(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object JLIB.invoke(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object JLIB.invoke1(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J0(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J1(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J2(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J3(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J4(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J5(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J6(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J7(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J8(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J9(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J10(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J11(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J12(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J13(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J14(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J15(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J16(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J17(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J18(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J19(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J20(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J21(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J22(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J23(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J24(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J25(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J26(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J27(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J28(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J29(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J30(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J31(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J32(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J33(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J34(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J35(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J36(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J37(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J38(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J39(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J40(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J41(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J42(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Button JLIB._J43(Pair args)
static java.awt.Choice JLIB._J44(Pair args)
static java.awt.Label JLIB._J45(Pair args)
static java.awt.TextField JLIB._J46(Pair args)
static java.awt.TextArea JLIB._J47(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J48(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J49(Pair Args)
static SchemeCanvas JLIB._J50(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J51(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J52(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J53(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J54(Pair args)
static java.awt.MediaTracker JLIB._J55(Pair args)
static java.awt.Canvas JLIB._J56(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J57(Pair Args)
static Listener11 JLIB._J58(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J59(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J60(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J61(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J62(Pair Args)
static java.awt.GridLayout JLIB._J63(Pair args)
static java.awt.Frame JLIB._J64(Pair args)
static java.awt.CheckboxGroup JLIB._J65(Pair args)
static java.awt.CheckboxMenuItem JLIB._J66(Pair args)
static java.awt.MenuItem JLIB._J67(Pair args)
static java.awt.Menu JLIB._J68(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J69(Pair Args)
static java.awt.MenuBar JLIB._J70(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J71(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J72(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J73(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J74(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J75(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J76(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J77(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J78(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J79(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J80(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J81(Pair args)
static InputPort JLIB._J82(Pair args)
static JLIB._J83(Pair args)
static java.awt.Panel JLIB._J84(Pair args)
static java.awt.BorderLayout JLIB._J85(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J86(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J87(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J88(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J89(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J90(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J91(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J92(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J93(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J94(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J95(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J96(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J97(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J98(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J99(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J100(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J101(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J102(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J103(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J104(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J105(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J106(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J107(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J108(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J109(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J110(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J111(Pair Args)
static java.awt.GridBagConstraints JLIB._J112(Pair args)
static java.awt.GridBagLayout JLIB._J113(Pair args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J114(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Insets JLIB._J115(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J116(Pair Args)
static java.awt.CardLayout JLIB._J117(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J118(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J119(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J120(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J121(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J122(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J123(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Font JLIB._J124(Pair args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J125(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J126(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Integer JLIB._J127(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J128(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J129(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J130(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J131(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J132(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J133(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J134(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J135(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J136(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J137(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J138(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J139(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J140(Pair Args)
static java.awt.Color JLIB._J141(Pair args)
static java.awt.Dimension JLIB._J142(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J143(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J144(Pair Args)
static java.util.Hashtable JLIB._J145(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J146(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J147(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J148(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J149(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object JLIB._J150(Pair args)
static java.lang.Boolean JLIB._J151(Pair Args)

Constructors in jlib with parameters of type Pair
SNLP(int t, int n, Pair f)
SNLP(int t, int n, Pair f, DynamicEnvironment d)
Networking(int t, int n, Pair f)
Networking(int t, int n, Pair f, DynamicEnvironment d)
Swing(int t, int n, Pair f)
Swing(int t, int n, Pair f, DynamicEnvironment d)
JLIB(int t, int n, Pair f)
JLIB(int t, int n, Pair f, DynamicEnvironment d)

Uses of Pair in jsint

Fields in jsint declared as Pair
 Pair Compile.frame
 Pair LCO.params
static Pair Pair.EMPTY
          The empty list.

Methods in jsint that return Pair
static Pair U.toPair(java.lang.Object x)
          Cast a Scheme object to a Pair (can't be the empty list).
static Pair U.toList(java.lang.Object x)
          Cast a Scheme object to a Pair or the empty list.
static Pair U.list(java.lang.Object a, java.lang.Object b, java.lang.Object c)
          Creates a three element list.
static Pair U.list(java.lang.Object a, java.lang.Object b)
          Creates a two element list.
static Pair U.list(java.lang.Object a)
          Creates a one element list.
static Pair proc, java.lang.Object args, Pair result)
          Map proc over a list of lists of args.
static Pair U.timeCall(Procedure proc, int nTimes)
          Call the procedure repeatedly nTimes, and return a list of the the last result, the elapsed time, and the memory used.
static Pair U.vectorToList(java.lang.Object vec)
static Pair U.arrayToList(java.lang.Object x)
static Pair DynamicEnvironment.getBindings(java.lang.Object x)
          This is used by the (environment-bindings) primitive.
 Pair Queue.getLast()
          Get the last Pair of the Queue's content.

Methods in jsint with parameters of type Pair
 java.lang.Object[] Compile.makeArgArray(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object Compile.apply(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object Compile.invoke(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object Compile.invoke1(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J0(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J1(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J2(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J3(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J4(Pair Args)
static Compile._J5(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J6(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J7(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J8(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J9(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J10(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J11(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J12(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J13(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Compile._J14(Pair Args)
static java.lang.Object Values.values(Pair args)
static java.lang.String U.stringAppend(Pair args)
static java.lang.Object U.numCompute(java.lang.Object x, Pair args, char op)
          Compute (x op arg1 op arg2 op ...), in ints or doubles.
static java.lang.Object U.numCompute(long result, Pair args, char op)
          Compute (result op arg1 op arg2 op ...).
static java.lang.Object U.numCompute(double result, Pair args, char op)
          Compute (result op arg1 op arg2 op ...).
static long U.gcd(Pair args)
static Pair proc, java.lang.Object args, Pair result)
          Map proc over a list of lists of args.
static java.lang.Object U.apply(Procedure p, Pair args)
          R5RS apply as requested by "Hoehle, Joerg-Cyril" .
static java.lang.Number Op.genericBinaryMultiOp(int op, java.lang.Number acc, Pair args)
static java.lang.Number Op.addMulti(Pair x)
static java.lang.Number Op.mulMulti(Pair x)
static java.lang.Object Macro.expand(Pair x)
 java.lang.Object[] JavaMethod.makeArgArray(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object[] JavaField.makeArgArray(Pair args)
static java.lang.reflect.Method Invoke.findMethod(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Object target, Pair types)
          Look up a particular method given its name, and the name of its declaring class, and a list of argument type names.
static java.lang.reflect.Constructor Invoke.findConstructor(java.lang.Object target, Pair types)
          Look up a particular constructor given its name, and the name of its declaring class, and a list of argument type names.
static java.lang.Class[] Invoke.toClassArray(Pair types, int n)
 java.lang.Object[] StaticReflector.makeArgArray(Pair args)
static Generic Generic.defineMethod(Symbol name, Pair types, Procedure p)
 java.lang.Object Function.invoke(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object Function.invoke1(Pair args)
 java.lang.Object Procedure.apply(Pair args)
          Convert an argument list into an argument array, and call apply on that.
 java.lang.Object[] Procedure.makeArgArray(Pair args)
          Convert a list of arguments into an array expected by the procedure.

Constructors in jsint with parameters of type Pair
Compile(int t, int n, Pair f)
Compile(int t, int n, Pair f, DynamicEnvironment d)
Values(Pair list)
LCO(java.lang.Object func, Pair params)