Uses of Class

Packages that use Procedure
elf The elf package is software contributed by software elves, funded by lunch money. 
jlib JLIB provides several libraries written in JScheme and compiled to Java, so it is more informative to read the Jscheme code. 
jschemeweb Provides a class that allows servlets to be written in various styles. 
jsint The JScheme implementation. 

Uses of Procedure in elf

Constructors in elf with parameters of type Procedure
SchemeInvocationHandler(Procedure proc)
SchemeComparator(Procedure proc)

Uses of Procedure in jlib

Subclasses of Procedure in jlib
 class JLIB
 class Networking
 class SNLP
 class Swing

Fields in jlib declared as Procedure
 Procedure SchemeCanvas.paintHandler
 Procedure EventPanel.handler
 Procedure EventFrame.handler
 Procedure EditArea.matchHandler

Methods in jlib with parameters of type Procedure
 void EventFrame.addEventHandler(Procedure callback)

Constructors in jlib with parameters of type Procedure
EventPanel(java.awt.Component C, Procedure handler)
EventPanel(java.awt.Component C, int eventmask, Procedure handler)

Uses of Procedure in jschemeweb

Fields in jschemeweb declared as Procedure
 Procedure SchemeServlet.do_service
 Procedure SchemeServlet.do_delete
 Procedure SchemeServlet.do_get
 Procedure SchemeServlet.do_options
 Procedure SchemeServlet.do_post
 Procedure SchemeServlet.do_put
 Procedure SchemeServlet.do_trace
 Procedure SchemeServlet.do_destroy

Uses of Procedure in jsint

Subclasses of Procedure in jsint
 class Closure
          A closure is a user-defined procedure.
 class Compile
 class Continuation
          A continuation.
 class Generic
          A generic function.
 class JavaConstructor
          Provides dynamic constructors.
 class JavaField
          Provides dynamic field access.
 class JavaMethod
          This class allows you to call any Java method, just by naming it, and doing the dispatch at runtime.
 class Macro
          A macro.
 class Primitive
          Primitive procedures (as defined in the R4RS Scheme report.
 class RawConstructor
 class RawMethod
 class Reflector
          A Reflector contains one or more Java metaobjects that are cached.
 class StaticReflector
          StaticReflector's like JavaConstructor and Generic can share this behavior.

Fields in jsint declared as Procedure
 Procedure JavaListener.handler

Methods in jsint that return Procedure
static Procedure U.toProc(java.lang.Object x)
          Cast a Scheme object to a procedure, or call error.

Methods in jsint with parameters of type Procedure
static java.lang.Object Values.callWithValues(Procedure source, Procedure sink)
static java.lang.Object U.callWithInputFile(java.lang.Object filename, Procedure proc)
static java.lang.Object U.callWithOutputFile(java.lang.Object filename, Procedure proc)
static java.lang.Object U.callCC(Procedure k)
          A continuation exception is a specially marked RuntimeException.
static Pair proc, java.lang.Object args, Pair result)
          Map proc over a list of lists of args.
static Pair U.timeCall(Procedure proc, int nTimes)
          Call the procedure repeatedly nTimes, and return a list of the the last result, the elapsed time, and the memory used.
static java.lang.Object U.apply(Procedure p, Pair args)
          R5RS apply as requested by "Hoehle, Joerg-Cyril" .
static Generic Generic.defineMethod(Symbol name, Pair types, Procedure p)
static java.lang.Object Procedure.catching(Procedure E, Procedure F)
          Like tryCatch, but returns wrapped exception.
static java.lang.Object Procedure.synchronize(java.lang.Object x, Procedure p)

Constructors in jsint with parameters of type Procedure
Listener(Procedure handler)
Listener11swing(Procedure handler)
Listener11(Procedure handler)
JavaListener(Procedure handler)