Uses of Class

Packages that use Symbol
jsint The JScheme implementation. 

Uses of Symbol in jsint

Fields in jsint declared as Symbol
static Symbol U.UNDEFINED
          The value to return when a variable is not defined.
static Symbol U.MISSING
          The value to use when a parameter is not supplied to a procedure.
static Symbol Symbol.BEGIN
static Symbol Symbol.CAR
static Symbol Symbol.CDR
static Symbol Symbol.DEFINE
static Symbol Symbol.IF
static Symbol Symbol.LAMBDA
static Symbol Symbol.MACRO
static Symbol Symbol.NEWLINE
static Symbol Symbol.NULL
static Symbol Symbol.OR
static Symbol Symbol.QUASIQUOTE
static Symbol Symbol.QUOTE
static Symbol Symbol.SET
static Symbol Symbol.SPACE
static Symbol Symbol.UNQUOTE
static Symbol Symbol.UNQUOTE_SPLICING
static Symbol Symbol.PACKAGE

Methods in jsint that return Symbol
static Symbol U.toSym(java.lang.Object x)
          Cast a Scheme object to a Scheme symbol, or call error.
static Symbol Symbol.intern(java.lang.String name)
          Intern a string: look up or make a symbol.

Methods in jsint with parameters of type Symbol
static Generic Generic.defineMethod(Symbol name, Pair types, Procedure p)
 java.lang.Object Environment.lookup(Symbol var)
 java.lang.Object Environment.lookup(Symbol var, int up, int in, java.lang.Object vars)
          Lookup the symbol in the environment.
 void DynamicEnvironment.importBindings(DynamicEnvironment env, java.lang.String prefix, boolean importMacros, Symbol[] procnames)
 java.lang.Object DynamicEnvironment.getValue(Symbol s)
 boolean DynamicEnvironment.isDefined(Symbol s)
 java.lang.Object DynamicEnvironment.setValue(Symbol s, java.lang.Object newval)
 DynamicVariable DynamicEnvironment.intern(Symbol x)
 java.lang.Boolean Evaluator.environmentImport(java.lang.Object x, java.lang.Object prefix, boolean macrosFlag, Symbol[] procnames)
 LocalVariable LexicalEnvironment.lookup(Symbol var)
 LocalVariable LexicalEnvironment.lookup(Symbol var, int up, int in, java.lang.Object vars)
          Lookup the symbol in the environment.

Constructors in jsint with parameters of type Symbol
DynamicVariable(Symbol name)
LocalVariable(int up, int in, Symbol name)
          Create a new variable.