Package jsint

The JScheme implementation.


Interface Summary
Function A support class for the Scheme->Java compiler
Importer Used by Import.

Class Summary
Closure A closure is a user-defined procedure.
Continuation A continuation.
DynamicEnvironment A Map from Symbol to DynamicVariables.
DynamicVariable A DynamicVariable represents a global value in a particular environment.
E Error routines.
Environment Environments store mappings from symbols to locations.
Evaluator This class represents a Scheme interpreter.
Generic A generic function.
InputPort InputPort is to Scheme as InputStream is to Java.
Invoke Provides dynamic Java method invocation through Java's Reflection interface.
JavaConstructor Provides dynamic constructors.
JavaField Provides dynamic field access.
JavaListener This is the parent class for the Java Listeners.
JavaMethod This class allows you to call any Java method, just by naming it, and doing the dispatch at runtime.
LCO A aupport class for the Scheme->Java compiler used to implement the last call optimization
LexicalEnvironment Environments store mappings from symbols to locations.
Listener This class allows a Procedure to act as a listener to many events.
Listener11 This class allows a Procedure to act as a listener to many events.
Listener11swing This class allows a Procedure to act as a listener to many events.
LocalVariable A LocalVariable is denoted by its position in the environment, in terms of the number of levels "up" we have to go (number of nested environments), the number of variables "in" we have to go (ordinal position of variable), and whether the variable is a "rest" (or "dotted") variable.
Macro A macro.
Op This class provides methods for those scalar operations which cannot be obtained using reflection on the standard Java libraries.
Pair A Pair has two fields, first and rest (sometimes called car and cdr).
Primitive Primitive procedures (as defined in the R4RS Scheme report.
Procedure Abstract superclass of Procedures.
Queue A queue, q, is a Pair (cons ,last ,content), see Peter's, PAIP book.
Reflector A Reflector contains one or more Java metaobjects that are cached.
Scheme This class represents a Scheme interpreter.
SchemeApplet this class defines an applet which will read a file name from the applet parameter list and will invoke the Jscheme interpreter on that file
SI This is just a shadow class so that code using jsint.SI will still work.
SingleImporter An Importer that knows how to import a single class.
StaticReflector StaticReflector's like JavaConstructor and Generic can share this behavior.
Symbol In Jscheme 1.0 to 1.4, symbols were implemented as Strings.
U A class to hold static utility methods; the name "U" stands for "Utility", but is short because it will be used a lot.
Values Values provided by Derek Upham
Version This class is generated by src/build/jscheme-bootstrap.scm.
WildImporter An Importer that can handle a wildcard, like "*".

Exception Summary
BacktraceException A jsint.BacktraceException is used to capture and report on uncaught Exceptions thrown in a Jscheme program.
ContinuationException A continuationException is thrown by a continuation.
JschemeThrowable A jsint.JschemeThrowable is used to support throwing and catching of objects in Jscheme programs.

Package jsint Description

The JScheme implementation.